(partially written by Sarah Jane Webb, I added more recent info)

Piero Schiavo Campo has a degree in physics. After five years in scientific research he moved on to software. Currently he teaches Theory and Techniques of New Media (the Internet and its media-related services) at Università degli Studi, Milano Bicocca. On this topic he has recently published the essay I media nella tela del ragno (The Media in the Spider’s Web).

As a SF writer he has authored various novels and short stories:

  • L’uomo a un grado Kelvin (The Man at one Kelvin Degree). In 2013 this novel won the Urania Award, the most important Italian prize for unpublished novels. In the same year it has been published by Arnoldo Mondadori Editore.
  • Odissea nel futuro (An Odyssey in the Future, 2015) is a young-adult SF novel. In 2016 it has been published by Delos Digital (ebook only) as a suite of eight stories connected between them.
  • In 2017 his short story La rotta verso il margine del tempo (The Path Toward the Edge of Time) won the Robot Award, the most important Italian prize for unpublished short stories. It appeared in the number 80 of Robot magazine.
  • In the same year (2017) he won again the Urania Award with the novel Il sigillo del serpente piumato, a space adventure. This will be published by Arnoldo Mondadori in the month of November 2017.
  • A compendium of short stories is currently under preparation, and should be published at the end of 2017 by Watson Edizioni.