(Translated from the Italian by Sarah Jane Webb)


I use writing software.

Everyone uses writing software.

I was born in Llanfair.

My father was a shepherd.

I don’t speak English.

No-one in my family speaks English.

I went to Llanfair elementary school.

My teacher said I was very bright.

My teacher only spoke Welsh.

My father died when I was in year two at Llanfair elementary.

I don’t remember my father very well.

I remember he drank a lot of wine.

I remember he beat up my mother.

I had to leave school when my father died.

My mother didn’t have any money.

We moved to the city.

My mother worked as a house cleaner.

I washed shop windows.

I was seventeen.

I was hired by a computer company.

I cleaned the fitted carpet and the toilets.

I worked at night.

There were lots of corridors.

There were white lights.

There was silence.

There was the humming of machines.

John always worked late.

He said he didn’t understand me when I spoke.

He was very intelligent.

He wrote programs for artificial intelligence.

I wanted to understand what he did.

John explained.

He said I learned quickly.

He said it was a pity.

He gave me a book.

I tried to read it.

I couldn’t remember how to read.

John explained what I didn’t understand.

I told him I wanted to write a program.

John laughed.

He laughed at first.

I explained what I wanted to do.

John stopped laughing.

I explained that it’s bad when you can’t talk.

I explained that it’s bad when you can’t understand.

I told him I had to code concepts.

I told him how to code concepts.

I wanted a program to help me write.

John thought about it.

We met at night.

I told him how to code concepts.

John wrote the program.

We were pleased.

John said we would be rich.

I wrote with our program.

I was happy.

John had a bad accident.

An accident with his car.

I wanted a copy of the program.

I used my keys.

It was night time.

The boss was there.

He saw me take the program.

He seemed very angry.

I ran away.

My mother wanted to beat me up.

She said I lost my job.

She said I was stupid.

I’m not stupid.

I went away.

I slept at the station.

The station was very cold.

Albert was smart.

He talked a lot.

He said it wasn’t fair.

He said the rich had everything.

I was very hungry.

I didn’t want to do it, but I was hungry.

The owner of the shop shouted.

Albert got scared.

He hit the owner of the shop.

I know he didn’t mean to hit him.

The owner of the shop wouldn’t shut up.

Albert beat him.

The owner of the shop cried out.

He cried out at every blow.

In the end he shut up.

Then another man came in.

He shouted too.

We ran away.

At the station our friends didn’t want us there.

Albert cried.

The police found us.

The police beat us up.

Albert didn’t want to go.

He shouted that he didn’t mean to hurt that man.

We were pushed into the car.

We were taken to prison.

My mother knows nothing about me.

The director is very kind.

He doesn’t understand when I speak.

I asked for a computer.

The director said I can’t use the computer.

I knew there was a computer.

I ran away.

I have found the computer.

I have just found the computer.

The policemen are coming.

The policemen will beat me up again.

Please, please help me.